Published on 2021.06.12


  • The M2 catamaran Emineo, helmed by Olivier de Cocatrix, crossed the halfway mark of the 82nd Bol d'Or Mirabaud in the lead after 7h23 of racing, 8 minutes ahead of the Decision 35 Emil One and another M2, Patrimonium. 

    It was a real coup against the big favourites of the event, the TF35 hydrofoil catamarans, unable to fly on their appendages and whose first boat, Artexplora, helmed by Loïck Peyron, crossed the Bouveret mark in 6th place.

    The sail towards Le Bouveret was played out on a fictitious line between Lugrin and Lutry, when the leading group got stuck along the north coast and the south coast holdouts took command of the race. 

    In the monohulls, it is currently the Hungarian Libera Raffica that is leading the race, with a slight lead over Luthi 1080 Katana and Thomas Jundt's QFX, which has made a remarkable start to the race in light air. 

    According to Lionel Fontannaz's weather forecast, northerly winds - Morges and Bise, should become more consistent very soon. 

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