Published on 2021.05.27

BOM21 Newsletter #2

  • The organizing committee can’t hide its delight a few weeks before the 82nd edition! The BOM 2021 will take place, and this is excellent news for everyone: competitors, partners, organizers and the public. Exceptionally, the latter will not have access to the Société Nautique de Genève this year, but will be able to follow the whole event online. Indeed, the organizers have done their utmost to allow all enthusiasts to follow the BOM21 online. The race and the key events (see schedule below) will be broadcast live on Facebook, YouTube, the BOM website, and also on the air with our partner Radio Lac

    Not to be missed, live on your screen:

    • Thursday, June 10, 10:30 - Press conference 
    • Friday, June 11, 19:00 - Opening ceremony and weather briefing 
    • Saturday, June 12, starting 9:00 - Start of the Bol d'Or Mirabaud 2021
    • Saturday 12 June and Sunday 13 June - Follow the race
    • Sunday, June 13, 20:00 - Award ceremony 

    Several surprises are in store for competitors and the public during the event. We invite you to follow the event closely online on our platforms so as not to miss anything!

    More than 300 boats are registered for a BOM on the traditional course!

    The BOM21 will take place no limits on the number of participants or boats; this is excellent news! 310 crews have already confirmed their participation in what will certainly be the first major public event of the year (registration list available online).

    All BOM participants will be able to sail on the whole lake! Indeed, all boats will be allowed to sail on French waters during the weekend of June 12-13.

    To ensure the event’s success, we’re counting on the support of all participants and spectators. Please follow the rules in effect and strictly adhere to the public health protection plan.

    Registration mandatory to collect race material and confirm participation

    Due to the current public health situation, registration confirmation and race material pickup for the BOM21 will be done at predetermined time slots. Each competitor is responsible for selecting a time slot. Only one person per boat will be allowed onsite at the Société Nautique de Genève (SNG).
    Competitors are required to respect ground markings and rules in effect on the whole SNG site. A competitor who arrives outside the time slot will be reallocated to a later time slot if there is still space available. If there is no space left, the registration will be cancelled.
    When registering on Manage2Sail, it is imperative to indicate the complete crew list. A competitor who does not respect this obligation may have his registration refused at the time of registration confirmation.
    Different time slots will be offered from Wednesday June 9 to Friday June 11, accessible at this link.
    We count on you to follow the rules and make this BOM a success! Thank you for your collaboration.


    Docking at the SNG

    Exceptionally this year, the usual managed chaos in the SNG port the day before the Bol will be strictly regulated. Thus, only crews with confirmed visitor spot allocations will be allowed entry in the club’s port. All visitor docking requests must be submitted via email before May 30.

    The BOM will not offer docking to Geneva-Rolle-Geneva competitors. More information here.

    Notice of Race online

    Click here to download the 2021 Notice of Race.

    The Sailing Squad: Reality TV joins the BOM!

    Mirabaud Group is resolutely innovative. For this long-awaited BOM21, it is presenting a "Top Chef” of sailing, a series of five episoldes entitled The Sailing Squad.

    Hang on for the first teaser, which will be released on June 4. Sailing Squad will tell the story of a group of young international sailors, coached by two-time Olympic champion and British TV presenter Shirley Robertson... and participation of this motley crew in the Bol d'Or Mirabaud aboard a Psaros 33.

    Members of the Sailing Squad will have two days to get to know each other, discover Lake Geneva, the boat that will take them on this adventure, and many other surprises concocted for them by Mirabaud Group, partners of this project, as well as Rodolphe Gauthier, president of the Bol d'Or Mirabaud.
    This project is made possible thanks to the support of several Bol d'Or Mirabaud partners: Mirabaud, Hublot, L'Hôtel des Bergues Four Seasons, Laurent Perrier and 727 Sailbags.

    Watch on social networks on June 4, 11, 18, 25 and July 2.

    It’s happening on the social networks!

    In collaboration with 4AM SA

    We inaugurated BOM AUDIOS – a podcast available directly on the BOM social platforms - with the announcement this year’s ambassador who is none other than Jean le Cam. 
    In this interview with King Jean, as he is known, his enthusiasm to be part of the BOM adventure is palpable. Listen to full interview here.

    credit 4AM 

    Gazenergie hoists its sails and joins the Bol d'Or Mirabaud 

    Under the Gazenergie brand, the Société des Gaziers de la Suisse Romande is proud to be associated with the Bol d'Or Mirabaud for the first time.

    Gazenergie encompasses natural gas, biogas and synthetic gases as well as innovations in this field.
    This partnership with the world's largest inland water regatta allows us to highlight common values such as commitment to the future and innovation.

    To learn more about our business and renewable gases, please visit our website.

    Parking Foundation - New pricing policy

    The Parking Foundation has been a loyal supporter of the BOM for many years and is offering discounted season tickets during the weekend of the event. Read Geneva parking offer details below.
    Discover our new hourly rates for 15 parking lots in Geneva, cheaper than street parking, and with no time limit. What’s more, you can recharge your electric vehicle for free! Details at

    Equip your crew and your supports!

    727 Sailbags is a leading company in the sustainable economy as it recycles boat sails into unique socially resopnsible responsible products. Based in the heart of the "Sailing Valley" in Lorient, France, Sailbags has a front row seat to the latest in ocean racing.
    Once again, 727 Sailbags is the official Bol d'Or Mirabaud merchandising supplier this year and has created ready-to-wear clothing, accessories and luggage for the event using 100% recycled sails full of sailing history.
    This special Bol d'Or Mirabaud collection is available to order on their website and in Click & Collect!



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