Published on 2019.11.28

Newsletter #4 BOM19

  • A D35 sail for Zinnia on Mirabaud’s bicentennial


    Principle Bol d’Or Mirabaud partner, Group Mirabaud, offered a special gift to the 200th finisher of the 2019 edition to celebrate its 200 years. Since the storm caused so many to abandon, the 196th finisher – the last to make it in regulation time – won the prize. The crew of Zinnia, based in Morges, enjoyed sailing aboard Decision 35 Cabestan, which included a photo shoot by Loris von Siebenthal, official BOM photographer.

    “It was fantastic,” muses Corinne and François Chanson. “We were able to participate in the maneuvers and were led by Cabestan’s very nice professional crew. We were surprised to have Loris von Siebenthal taking photos of us, which gave the experience a whole different dimension. We never expected this when we signed up for BOM 19!” 

    In fact, it was their first time in the regatta, as a family. “We wanted to go all the way. We expected the storm but quickly realized it was going to more than forecast. We dropped most of our sails and continued with just the jib, reaching peaks of 11 knots!”

    SC1 - the BOM warriors

    The 2019 edition’s storm will remain engraved in all participants’ memories. But if we had to tip our hats to one category in particular, it would be the little SC1 catamarans. Only two of them finished the race.  Emmanuel Bourreau and Olivier Beon won with their Ventilo M3, Cat Boat Spinnaker.

    “All the forecasts called for impossible sailing conditions on a small catamaran,” reminisces Emmanuel Borreau. “We decided to stop in order to save the boat… it’s not very new, dating back to 1994! We therefore chose the worst tactic from a racing standpoint, to sail along the shore so that we could quickly seek shelter. At 16:30 the cloud was very visible, so we headed toward the Château de Tourronde, where we arrived just in time in this tiny port. We left an hour and a half later after waiting for the waves and lightning to calm down. There were only two of us left in the race and the other boat had an hour and a half lead on us. We’re quite a bit slower than the newer boats so we assumed victory wasn’t in the cards! But with some thirty Bols behind me as well as two “5 Jours du Léman”, knowledge of the lake allowed us to make up three hours on the return to Geneva. Victory was nice but especially so because it was unexpected. It’s been a unique Bol and the memories are priceless!

    Let’s not forget the extraordinary performance by the second-place finishers, Eric le Bouëdec and Erwan Charamel aboard Flying Phantom, Back to Basics. Partly blind, Erwan weathered the storm in the middle of the lake. Discover his reaction right after the storm in this video.

    The storm filmed live

    The Bol d’Or Mirabaud video production crew, led by 4AM, adds to its numbers each year to provide live coverage. Drones, a helicopter, chase boats and interviews on land are all put in place for the public to follow the regatta in real time. This year, an additional challenge complicated their task: filming the storm live from the lake under hail, rain and wind. One of the 4AM cameramen, Fabien Wohlschlag, managed to film amidst the height of the storm. Breathtaking images can be seen online.

    “Temps Présent” relives this apocalyptic edition

    The well-known RTS program, “Temps Présent,” presented a special report covering the 81st edition’s storm. With interviews of competitors, as well as the organizing committee president, the program allowed us to relive the regatta. It especially reminded us of the risk each sailor takes when boarding a sailboat. Preparation, equipment, knowledge of the lake and of the boat are especially important ingredients to good sailing.

    See the October 10th program on RTS Play.

    Spotlight on 200 workers in the behind the scenes

    We can never say it enough times: our event would not exist without its pillars, the volunteers!  They were 200 this year contributing to the BOM’s success, always with a smile. Thanks, and see you next year!

    Rendezvous June 12 to 14, 2020


    Registration for the Bol d’Or Mirabaud 82nd edition will open March 21!

    Global reach


    The apocalyptic conditions of the 81st edition will leave memories for all participants. They also served to circulate BOM images around the entire world. In the news and on social networks, Loris von Siebenthal and his team’s photos were a huge success.
    Discover the complete gallery of Loris von Siebenthal, Anna Ricca and Nicolas Jutzi by clicking here.


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