Published on 2019.07.07

Newsletter #3 BOM19

  • 2019: A Memorable Edition


    Météo Suisse predicted it and the organizing committee issued warnings: a serious storm fell on the Bol d’Or Mirabaud fleet around 17:00. The sky fell upon the 81st edition’s competitors, with gusts of 60 knots, hail, zero visibility and scary waves. In spite of numerous distress flares, accidents and a few fallen masts, all competitors returned safe and sound. They all showed excellent seamanship in these very rare conditions for Lake Léman, many having taken refuge in ports or having lowered their sails before the storm hit!

    196 boats crossed the finish line, whilst 221 abandoned, 37 arrived too late and 10 didn’t take the start. Ladycat Powered by Spindrift Racing (Yann Guichard) won the Bol d’Or in scratch time, Raffica (Kiraly Szolz) won the Bol de Vermeil and Matière Grise (Lionel Maret) won the ACVL-SRS trophy in handicap time. Full summary

    Interview with Handicap Time Winner: Lionel Maret (Matière Grise)

    Three challenges are in play during the Bol d’Or Mirabaud: the Bol d’Or, the Bol de Vermeil and the ACVL-SRS Challenge. The latter awards the winner in handicap time, which could be considered the “real” BOM winner. All rated monohulls contend for this prize, determined by the boat’s race time and rating. The crew of Matière Grise, a Modulo 93, won the 2019 edition in handicap time! Interview with her skipper, Lionel Maret, who hasn’t yet come down from his cloud…

    How do you feel, a few days after this victory?

    I’m really happy! My feet can barely touch the ground. It was so unexpected and incredible to win! We’ve always achieved decent regatta results up until now, and I didn’t expect to do better. I would have been content to finish in the TCF2 class top 10! When we found out Sunday around 11:00 that we won the BOM, I did a victory dance for an hour on the deck. I’m a pure amateur, making this win all the more significant. I’m still on my cloud!

    Tell us about your race:

    We did well from the start, getting out ahead of the pack, with excellent boats all around us. Our strategy for the first part of the race was excellent, and we celebrated with a few beers! We’re epicureans so we sail with a full icebox. We anticipated the storm between Evian and Meillerie, and we discussed various scenarios to make sure the beginners on board knew what to do when it hit. And it went well. Once the storm passed, we had a momentary lull, but it picked up and sailed well after that. The return was magical! Far from shore, we concentrated, and were able to find the best wind. We maintained our position and happily crossed the finish line to the sound of the cannon shot!

    Talk about the boat and crew:

    Quentin Freymond, with whom I was Swiss Corsair co-champion in early June, helmed the boat. I maneuvered and four other crew members (Sacha Herren, Michael Rentmeister, Nadège Beldi and John Illobre), mostly contributed by adding weight. We were a group of good friends, among which two beginners who’d mostly cruised in nice weather. Quentin made all the decisions during the BOM, while I fed him information. I owe a lot for this victory to him!

    The boat is a 23-year-old Modulo 93, an excellent boat for the BOM handicap ranking. It looks like a Luthi or a good racing boat. I bought her in 2016 with my family, to carry on a family tradition started by my father! I’m 36, am a member of the Vevey – La Tour Sailing Circle and own the Castel de Bois Genoud restaurant in Crissier.

    Security and Good Seamanship: The Two Pillars of a Successful 81st Edition

    With wind gusts up to 60 knots and incredibly heavy rain we won’t forget the 81st edition of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud for a long time. While it’s impossible to thank all the people who contributed to this edition’s success, two key elements should be highlighted here: good seamanship shown by all competitors, and the work of the security teams. Two sunken boats, around twenty broken masts and numerous accidents and scares… that’s the extent of the impact known to this day. The thirteen boats making up the security detail did an excellent job on the water, supported by the multiple lifeboat associations around the Léman. “Porto Central” coordinated all the activity from the Société Nautique de Genève, calmly and professionally, contributing to the safety of all competitors. Bravo and thank you!


    The BOM’s Queen of Classes

    Surprises belong to the most numerous class taking part in the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, and 2019 was no different! They were 105 at the start and 58 at the finish, in a race full of unexpected twists. The young crew of CER Sofies was in the lead until early morning, but in the end, Lorenz Kausche and his Bernese crew on …Moi Non Plus won the 81st edition after 24 hours of racing. Peps and Malice completed the podium while Skyrim, Cust 4 and G. Hominal were close behind.

    Spontaneous comments from winner, Lorenzu Kausche (… Moi Non Plus):

    “A few days after this Dantean BOM, there are still many images in my head, with water everywhere, crisis situations in which you need to make quick decisions. It was very emotional!

    It’s one of the most prestigious victories: more than 100 Surprises at the start, a long racecourse, and certainly benefitted from some good luck. We saw the storm coming and prepared for it. It came faster than expected, and we struggled before lowering the mainsail. We had terrible visibility during the storm and, when calm returned, we saw an awful boat cemetery all around us. We had broken a batten and lost a few places while repairing and hoisting the mainsail. We caught up to our direct competitors by quickly hoisting the spinnaker and were third around the Bouveret!

    We left the eastern sector of the lake staying near the middle, then we worked our way to the French shore to pick up a thermal wind that pushed us past G. Hominal. We were then neck in neck with Peps and Malice, before entering the western sector near the French shore. We passed CER1 Sofies near Hermance and managed the final run under spinnaker, being pushed by a Séchard wind. My co-crew member Emmanuel Müller really knows the boat, participating in numerous match races. We knew we were fast, so it came down to reading the racecourse! We hadn’t done many BOMs, but with many editions of the “5 Jours” under our belts, we know Lake Léman well.

    I shared the helm and tactics with Emmanuel, while the three girls trimmed. Ena Hirschi, Esther Rüthemann, Barbara Brugger and Emmanuel Müller are all used to match racing, while I’m more experienced with long races, on this boat belonging to the Bienne Sailing Association.”

    Winners of the 81st Edition

    Bol d’Or : Ladycat Powered by Spindrift Racing - Yann GUICHARD
    Bol de Vermeil : Raffica - Kiraly SZOLT
    ACVL-SRS (temps compensé) : Matière Grise - Lionel MARET 
    SC1 : Ventilo - Emmanuel BOURREAU
    Surprise : … Moi Non Plus - Lorenz KAUSCHE
    Grand Surprise : Little Nemo II - Bernard BORTER
    M2 : Wize by TeamWork - Arnaud Didisheim
    TCF2 : Matière Grise - Lionel MARET 
    TCF3 : Osteo7/7 - Alain GERBER
    TCF4 : CHAOS - Bernhard KRAUS 
    Prix spécial Toucan : Angrybird - Marc THIERCELIN
    Vainqueur du prix spécial bicentenaire Mirabaud : zinnia - François CHANSON
    NJ : Rita - Axel MEYER
    Equipage féminin : WhitUBY - Emmanuelle D'ORTOLI
    Trophée Ecole de Voile : Club Nautique de Versoix - Fou du vent - Brachard - Benoit DEUTSCH
    Trophée Inter-Clubs : Club Nautique de Versoix - Mc'One - Frédéric MACHERET


    T H A N K S

    200 volunteers enabled organizing the BOM 81st edition. Led by the dynamic Véronique Lévêque, vice president of the SNG Sailing Circle, they executed perfectly like every year. Let’s highlight the work of “Porto Central”, in charge of race safety, that had a particularly difficult task this year during and after the storm. Thanks to all and see you next year!

    2020 Rendezvous

    The 82nd edition will take place June 12-14, 2020. Mark your calendar!

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