Published on 2019.06.16

An Epic Battle Among Monohulls, Won by Raffica

  • The Hungarian Libera Raffica won a tough race, beating Marguerite Cashmere, helmed by François Bopp, after a 15:53 race.
    The race favorite in light to modern conditions, Hungarian Libera Raffica won in spite of the violent wind that ravaged the Bol d’Or Mirabaud fleet Saturday afternoon.

    In the lead at the Bouveret barge, the spectacular – and fickle – monohull tamed the storm for better or for worse. The boat ran under bare poles, taking an unplanned detour that allowed her to weather the elements without capsizing, and to be in a good position when the wind calmed down. “It was the only solution,” specified Laslo Török, Raffica crew member. “We were very scared, for ourselves and for others. We’d never had such a strong wind!”

    Coming from behind, Raffica then reduced the gap over the kilometers for a much deserved victory.

    The Hungarian sailboat won after a passionate fight with Pharos 40 Marguerite Cashmere, helmed by François Bopp. 28th and fourth monohull at the Bouveret, in the wake of Jean Psarofarghis’ Syz & Co, Marguerite Cashmere was better able to handle the storm than the Libera, but wasn’t able to keep up with Hungarians’ superior speed in the calm night winds of Lake Léman.

    Third in the Geneva-Rolle-Geneva, François Bopp’s Pharos 40 nonetheless obtained a brilliant result and confirmed its recent evolution, disavowing its previous name: Outsider.

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