Published on 2019.03.21

Registration for the 81st edition of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud opens today

  • It’s Springtime And The BOM Is Back!

    It’s March 21st, first day of BOM 19 registration. Are you ready to sign up? Nothing’s easier! This year, there’s a new registration system: Manage 2 Sail, a platform well known to sailors and it will recognize their data if they already have an account.

    2019 Fees:
    •    Early bird: CHF 170.- from Thursday, March 21, 2019 to Wednesday, May 29, 2019 *
    •    Standard: CHF 220.- from Thursday, May 30, 2019 to Sunday, June 9, 2019 *
    •    Last call: CHF 270.- from Monday, June 10, 2019 to Wednesday, June 10, 2019 *
    * The registration fee includes up to three crewmembers. CHF 20.- for each additional crewmember starting with the fourth. 

    New: M1, M2 and TCFX only pay their main registration fee, regardless of the number of crew.

    Early Bird:
    M1: CHF 600.-
    M2: CHF 300.-
    TCFX: CHF 300.-

    M1: CHF 700.-
    M2: CHF 400.-
    TCFX: CHF 400.-

    Last Call:
    M1: CHF 800.-
    M2: CHF 500.-
    TCFX: CHF 500.-
    Crane usage: CHF 50.- all-inclusive fee (launch and haul out), valid for the GRG and the BOM. 

    A Bicentennial Should Be Celebrated!

    In 2018, we celebrated the 80th edition of the BOM. In 2019, It’s our partner’s turn; Mirabaud is celebrating its 200th year. This is an opportunity for our longstanding partner to intensify its involvement even further this year, which will please the public:
    - Free registration for the 200th boat to sign up
    - Special prize to the 200th boat to cross the finish line (in real-time)
    - Two free public concerts Friday evening

    Remember: during the BOM weekend, the SNG is open to all!

    The BOM Needs You!


    More than 150 volunteers contribute to the Bol d’Or Mirabaud organization each year. Why not you? Would you like to experience the event from the inside by volunteering for one of the many jobs we have?

    By joining the Bol d’Or Mirabaud 2019 volunteer family, you will contribute to the success of the 81st edition and will share unique moments with a highly motivated and very friendly team. Tempted by this adventure? Email us at or come see us Monday, April 8 starting 19:00 at the SNG for the traditional volunteer registration aperitif.

    New Partners for the BOM

    The companies: 727 Sailbags, Hästens, the Haute Ecole de Paysagisme, Engineering and Architecture of Geneva (HEPIA), as well as l’Opage (Swiss Wine Geneva) join the Bol d’Or Mirabaud’s family of partners.

    With bags and clothing made from recycled materials, wine grown on the shores of the Léman and mattresses produced from natural materials, the BOM confirms its preference for companies caring about sustainable development. HEPIA will be our applied R&D and information technology engineering partner. Certain student projects aim to improve the participant and spectator experience in future BOMs.

    A new look for the Bol d’Or Mirabaud staff: 727 Sail Bags, the new official supplier, will dress the 2019 team. 2019 Bol d’Or Mirabaud polo shirts and numerous other articles will be on sale from their stand throughout the event. 727 SailBags designs bags, clothing and top-of-line decorative objects made 100% from recycled sails.

    L’Opage (Swiss Wine Geneva) will provide the wine for the 81st edition! The Office for Promotion of Geneva Agricultural Products will thus allow the public present at the SNG to taste one of the numerous wines from our region. Geneva, with its 1,400 hectares of vineyards, is the third largest wine producing canton in Switzerland, with around 95 wineries.

    Hästens, established 1852, is the third partner to join the Bol d’Or Mirabaud this year. This Swedish company manufactures deluxe handmade bedding, using only natural materials such as horse hair, cotton, wool, linen and Nordic forest pine.

    The Haute Ecole de Paysagisme, Engineering and Architecture of Geneva (HEPIA) joins the BOM as R&D partner. Thanks to its network of students in various advanced technologies and, in particular, information, communication and industrial technologies, the HEPIA has launched numerous projects aimed at improving the experience for BOM participants and spectators in the future. A Surprise fitted with instrumentation will serve as a laboratory and will take the start of the BOM with a student crew. More to come on this.


    We’re Still Talking About the BOM Comic Book! 

    The “Histoire et Cité” festival welcomes the Bol d'Or Mirabaud to UNIGE: a roundtable will host Philippe Durr, Yann Petremand (president of the CVSNG) and Patrick Mallet on the subject of the Bol d'Or Mirabaud and the BOM comic book produced last year. Some of the book’s cartoonists will also be there.

    • March 28, 2019
    • 16:00 – 17:30
    • Uni Dufour – Geneva
    • Free entrance

    Come One and All!

    The Notice of Race is online.

    Click here to download the 2019 Notice of Race

    Discover the 2019 Program

    The detailed BOM19 program is online!


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