Published on 2017.06.18

Bravo to all competitors!


    Almost all competitors of this exceptional Bol d’Or Mirabaud edition completed the race sooner than expected, giving them the choice of their bed, or the SNG terrace for an “after-race” where they could exchanging war stories from the regatta with other crews.

    The fight wasn’t simple, especially at night, for the large majority of competitors who deserve immense congratulations.

    When conditions are exceptional, results are exceptional: the first Surpise, Mirabaud 1, skippered by Nicolas Anklin, finished her race in 11:05:49. Better yet, the first Grand Surprise, Little Nemo, needed 10:21:57 to complete the racecourse, while Gaston 3, winner among Toucans, finished in 10:40:58.

    All these racers arrived during the daytime, and spent a nice evening on the Nautique terrace, which was packed and festive.

    But behind them, it was sometimes a battlefield where the finish line commentator – otherwise brilliant – grew a few gray hairs while watching boats broaching or burying their bows a few meters from the north jetty…

    What became of Alan Roura, Bol d’Or Mirabaud ambassador? The Swiss sailor, twelfth in the Vendée Globe, also arrived during the day, fourth in his class and delighted to have had the experience, which he judged very positive.

    Note these additional extraordinary feats: In the C1 sport catamaran category, the Brits from Vampire Project, skippered by William Sunnucks, finished in a brilliant twentieth place. All participants in the class took a beating, but finished the race with a smile which tells the whole story.

    Winner of the TCF2 class, Jean-Luc Haldimann finished 67th in real-time aboard Eole 7, a noteworthy result! The same for number 2 in the class, Jonathan Simon’s Esse 850 Belami II, and the winner of the TCF3s, Janine Arnulf’s Cross Systems, in grand comfort and style!

    That leaves the “small” TCF4s, led in the rankings by J 70 CDE.CH, helmed by Marc Stern, 105th in the overall real-time ranking. 

    In addition to these feats, dozens of racers achieved remarkable individual performances, setting new personal records, braving the night and the storm before finally arriving at the SNG’s north jetty, to find a much-deserved haven of peace and festivities.

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