Published on 2016.06.03

My Father, My Hero !

  • Three Bol d’Or Mirabaud participants tell their stories of shared father-and-son passion for sailing and the Bol d’Or Mirabaud.

    On the occasion of Father's Day, the Bol d’Or Mirabaud honors all those fathers who transmit their passion for sailing to their sons, thus preparing the next generation of BOM lovers.

    The Bol d’Or Mirabaud shares the anecdotes of three sailors, Nicolas Fuchs, Aurélien Quiri, as well as Gilbert Poujoulat, and thanks them sincerely for having shared their father-and-son experience in the Bol d'Or Mirabaud.


    A shared adventure
    The Fuchs family, Roger the father and Nicolas the son, have already shared some ten Bol d’Or Mirabauds together. This shared passion for sailing has been transmitted by Roger (the father) and his different boats. Nicolas tells us among other things, "After a 10 year break, I pushed my father to revive our shared passion, so we bought a boat, then another, and in the end I bought my own. Since then we both sail on our boats, sometimes together. Often we meet in the same port during summer vacation or during the BOM."

    They will race this year on Nicolas' boat: LongVent40, TCF4, built in Switzerland. Their goal is to finish in the top ten of their category, considering their prior year results (10th in 2014, 12th in 2015).

    A remarkable common memory?
    "In the 2014 BOM, with the bise wind blowing hard, it had been a while that Roger had awaited conditions that would allow for a fast race. Having already tried with his first boat 25 years ago, he was looking for the right time window (between work and family). So I was able to offer him this advenure on my boat. It was a fast race. And my son came along (all three of us). He seemed so happy to participate. He was in good form and seemed 20 years younger." 

    An intense trio
    Aurélien, Gilbert and Robert Quiri sail across Lake Geneva and the generations. Son, father and grandfather share one passion: sailing. Aurélien tells us, "The passion was transmitted thanks to my grandfather, who initiated his son (my father). My grandfather was in naval aviation, at the same time as Tabarly. As for me, I experienced my first tacks in Optimists in central Frane on Séchemailles Lake, coached from the shore by my father with a walkie-talkie. It was tough!"
    A passion trasferred across the generations carries some exceptional memories and Aurélien Quiri confides, "Without wanting to brag, one of our best sailing memories was the 2014 BOM, aboard a BLU26 made available to us by the SNG. We rounded the Bouveret mark ahead of our class, just before a squall that broke our wind vane! Three generations, on one boat, in an exceptional regatta."

    The family legacy?
    "Know how to trim well, but also safely..."

    A regatta, a boat, a family passion
    For his 58th BOM participation, Gilbert Poujoulat is definitely one of the most decorated competitors of this competition. having begun in his young years with his father, Mr. Poujoulat attests to having participated in numerous Bol d'Ors un his father's lacustre 'MAURABLIA'... "Then I followed suit with my own boat, a Luthi 28 'MAURABLIA'. The stories of the Bol d'Or Mirabaud and of MURABLIA have been intimately linked for over 64 years, a real love story!" he tells us.

    What advice would you give a beginner, given your experience?
    "The Bol d'Or Mirabaud is a marathon for a first-timer. Teamwork and helping each other are more important than results." 

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