Published on 2016.04.19

Mirabaud and Sailing

  • The Bol d’Or Mirabaud is lucky to have a faithful sponsor since 2005. Besides being the main sponsor of the event, Mirabaud charters three “Surprise” class boats in each regatta, and invites its employees to form crews to take the the start. Mirabaud crews have already succeeded in making the prize list.

    Founded in Geneva in 1819, for over a century, Mirabaud’s name has been associated with completive sailing, as well as sailors and their exceptional feats.

    The first tangible evidence of a racing sailboat belonging to the Mirabaud family dates back to 1888. There’s a photo archived at the Corsier Port shipyard showing Ivan Mirabaud’s splendid 7 ton Squaw, one of the first racing designs on Lake Geneva. The banking and finance group has supported the Bol d’Or Mirabaud since 2005.

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