Published on 2015.06.14

Bol d’Or Mirabaud: Team Tilt wins in an incredible finish

  • After a breathtaking race of comebacks, Team Tilt wins the Bol d’Or Mirabaud 77th edition in 12h 5m 58s,  ahead of Alinghi, helmed by Ernesto Bertarelli and  Ladycat Powered by Spindrift Racing, 
    helmed by Dona Bertarelli. Among mono-hulls, Oyster Funds wins in 15h 3m 55s while Pile ou Face, helmed by Damien Mermoud leads the fleet of 107 strong Surprises taking the start in 23h 27m 24s. In most classes, there was often little time separating finishers. Thanks to the deployment of a multimedia strategy, the regatta could be followed live, notably the  elbow-to-elbow arrival of the 
    first finishers. This edition united more than 2,500 participants with 475 boats starting, and Bernard Stamm as patron.

    Eighteen  short  seconds...  After over 12 hours of racing, only 18  short seconds separated Team Tilt, winner of the 77th edition of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, from its runner-up, Alinghi at the end of an exciting race with seven leaders throughout. Lake Geneva was true to its reputation, providing the full range of possible conditions in terms of wind direction and strength, including 25-knot gusts, a storm, clear sky, sun and light winds at the start of the regatta. François Gabart, winner of the last Vendée Globe, summarized his impressions after his first experience aboard  Okalys, “The Bol d’Or Mirabaud is great! I was delighted to experience it,”  while congratulating Team Tilt for its magnificent performance.

    Demonstrating excellent mastery, Team Tilt had to fight until the end to gain its lead over Okalys, which finished  6th, and with Alinghi, rising to its level at the very end of the regatta. In the M2 
    category, the Neuchatel-based boat Team Seven, helmed by Bertrand Geiser won in 12h 21m 32s. Teamwork, helmed by Nils Palmieri and Petercam, helmed by Frédéric Moura, finished second and third respectively.

    Among the mono-hulls, Oyster Funds, helmed by Philippe Gay with eight crewmembers aboard, won in  15h  3m 55s  with a few seconds  lead over  Raïjin,  helmed  by  Philippe Bertherat.  Psaros 40  – completed this superb podium. Oyster Funds won the Bol de Vermeil. ”After a mixed start, we gained on the fleet little by little to finally catch up with the leading pack. We handled the difficult moments well and anticipated the squall, but  were continuously threatened by  Raijin,” declares one of the helmsmen, André Darmon. 

    Dominique Wavre, patron of the76th edition of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, won the ACVL-SRS challenge aboard Ardizio.  This trophy is awarded to the mono-hull with the best handicap time. 

    ecialists of their class so it’s logical that they’d win in the variable conditions provided by this 77th  edition. Bravo!” declared Rodolphe Gautier, president of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud Organizing Committee. “It’s satisfying to see the pleasure shared by all  the participants this weekend, including those who spent more than 24 hours on the water and whom I’d like to especially recognize.” 

    “This 77 th Bol d’Or Mirabaud edition kept all its promises with comebacks all the way until the finish line,” rejoices Antonio Palma, Mirabaud associate. “The regatta awarded both ardor and  renewal, with the young Team Tilt sailors, and renowned worldwide sailors.” 

    In the widely disputed Surprise class with a fleet 107 strong at the start, Damien Mermoud led the winning Pile ou Face  to victory in 23h 27m followed by, helmed by Frank Reinhardt 
    and  Teo Jakob  helmed  by Michel Glaus.  Among  the  Grand Surprises,  Little Nemo II,  helmed  by Bernard Borter, won the regatta in 20h 30m 03s ahead of Mea Huna and Apsara.  
    In the TCF1+2 class, Dominique Wavre, aboard Ardizio, won the ACVL-SRS in 19h 49m 01s, a trophy awarded the rated boat with the best handicap time overall.  Pro Yachting  took second place and Yemanjá took third. 74 boats started in this class.  
    For TCF3, it’s Virus, helmed by Régis Menetrey, which won in 22h 47m 18’s (handicap time) among a fleet of  87,  ahead of  Verbel-Poopy Express  and  D.I.HOME.  In the  TCF4  class,  composed of  44 boats, 5 ème Elément, helmed by Alexandre Bodmer, snared 1st place in 25h 44m 30s (handicap time), arriving at the Société Nautique de Genève at 12:21. 
    Put in place 4 years ago, the Multimedia  strategy took on unprecedented dimensions  this year  as 60,000 LIVE platform pages were viewed  and 14,000 direct connections were made on the live 
    feeds.  1,000 spectators simultaneously followed the finish. Over at Twitter, the official account @boldormirabaud  was followed by 43,000 users,  and on  Facebook,  40,144  users  accessed the 
    content in one day compared to only 24,000 in a full week in 2014.  
    At the Bol d’Or Mirabaud close, Sunday, June 14 at 17:00, 301 boats had crossed the finish line – 151 having abandoned the race, and 23 out of time for a total of 475 participants. 10 different 
    countries participated in this regatta, demonstrating that internationalization is moving ahead. 

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