Prizes and Trophies



The Bol d'Or (gold cup) Challenge and the Bol de Vermeil (vermeil cup) Challenge, as well as the ACVL-SRS trophy are put back in play each year.

The Bol d'Or and Bol de Vermeil Challenges may be indefinitely kept by owners winning three years out of the last five.

Challenge winners receive a silver replica that they may keep.

Winners in each class are awarded Bols d’Etain (pewter cup).



Sailing School Trophy

The Sailing School Trophy is intended to develop the interest of young crews in competitive sailing. It's open to all Lake Geneva sailing schools.


- The boat must be a Surprise one-design.
Registration is made by the sailing school, clearly indicating upon registration its intention to participate in the trophy competition.
The responsible skipper must obligatorily be a certified trainer.
The crew size is set at four, in addition to the skipper.
Crewmembers must be 17 years old or less the day of the race. 
All crewmembers must be active in the sailing school entering the boat, and
must be of sufficient age to participate in manoeuvres as determined by the trainer.
Bol d’Or Mirabaud registration will be free.
Registration: Check the “Trophée Ecoles de Voile” box when registering online.
An email link will allow you to request a promotion code necessary to register the yacht club free of charge.

 Inter-Club Trophy

The Inter-Club Trophy is intended to promote and maintain a healthy and friendly rivalry between yacht clubs.

Regulation :

- Participation in this Trophy must be announced during registration.
- Ranking will be based on the combined handicapped ranking of all SRS classes, TCF1 to TCF4, SU and GS.
Any crew may represent its club, as long as 2/3 of the crewmembers belong to the yacht club for which they are racing.
Registration: Check the “Trophée Inter-Clubs” when registering online.
It is possible to compete for both the Sailing School and Inter-Club trophies.